DVD Creeping Things, Episode 2



In the second installment of the Creeping Things series, our host Nathan Hutcherson takes us on a journey into the desert to explore some of the most amazing creepy creatures ever! In this episode, entitled Creeping Things: Desert Creepers, Nathan and his two children travel deep into the desert to look for and study four different types of snakes, a gecko, an iguana, a vinegaroon, a Chuckwalla lizard, and even a tortoise. As they show you these creatures and study their incredible designs, they’ll begin to show you how their designs give evidence for a Creator. This Christian-based series designed especially for kids will help them to have an understanding of the world around them and show them how God made our world beautiful, and incredible!

As you journey out into the desert with the Hutcherson family in Creeping Things: Desert Creepers, Nathan will show you how these incredibly designed creatures are able to survive the hot and dry climates of the desert and how they are even able to thrive in this normally brutal environment. As they go hunting across dunes, rocky basins, and more, they will explain to you the intricacies of these creatures and how they give all the more evidence for a supreme Creator overall of them.

Designed specifically for children, this series not only entertains, but educates children on incredible desert creatures, helping them to build their knowledge and understanding. Unlike a lot of television made for children today that gives very superficial and basic lessons, if any lessons at all, this show goes deep, helping children to learn more and to even enjoy learning! Because of the fast-pace and adventurous nature of this DVD series, children will be enraptured as they get to see all kinds of exciting and weird creatures out in the hot, dry desert. The series is divided up into 16 chapters, making it easy to scroll through and learn about specific animals. Great for homeschooling, Sunday school, and just general education, this is a series that will keep your children entertained and informed.