Traced: Human DNA’s Big Surprise






Dinsdag 3 mei geeft Nathaniel Jeanson een online presentatie bij Logos Instituut.


Engelstalige toelichting “Traced: Human DNA’s Big Surprise”
What happened to the ancient Egyptians? The Persians? The Romans? The Mayans? Are we their descendants?
Recent genetic discoveries are uncovering surprising links between us and the peoples of old—links that rewrite race, ethnicity, and human history.

Today’s Native Americans descend from Central Asians who arrived in the early A.D. era.
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob still have clearly identifiable descendants, albeit rare ones.
Every people group on earth can genetically trace their origins to Noah and his three sons.
The “Rosetta Stone” of human history has been discovered and it confirms the history starting in God’s Word and makes stunning discoveries about who we are, where we came from, and what happened to our ancestors.

Dr. Jeanson has found the Rosetta Stone of human history. The secrets this genetic research is uncovering are fascinating, revolutionary, and, most importantly, only possible because Dr. Jeanson starts with the true history of the world given in God’s Word. Yes, creation science makes testable predictions, and you will be blown away by how stunningly the science confirms God’s Word from the very first verse.

Zie ook de lezing van Nathaniel Jeanson bij Logos Instituut op YouTube [link]